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Welcome to Alco & Enviro Chem Engineering Pvt Ltd
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Engineering & Consultancy solution for Ethanol Industry | Distillery | Evaporation | Dryer | WTP | ETP | CPU Process Plant.

Welcome Alco & Enviro Chem Engineering Pvt Ltd

One Touch Engineering Solution for Distillery, Ethanol, Evaporation, Solvent Recovery,
WTP, ETP & Various Types Of Process Plants.


Alco & Enviro Chem Engineering Pvt Ltd founded in 2016 in Pune, India, comprises technical experts serving a range of process industries. Offering design, engineering, and consultancy services, AECEPL specializes in distilleries, ethanol plants, solvent recovery, and evaporation solutions. With a commitment to reliability and cost-effectiveness, AECEPL addresses complex engineering challenges in various chemical and allied industries worldwide.


Their expertise spans basic engineering, process plant design, feasibility studies, and detailed engineering. Additionally, AECEPL manufactures and exports a diverse range of industrial equipment like distillation columns, evaporators, and reactors. They also excel in industrial electrical and instrumentation design, installation, and commissioning, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to client needs.


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